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Option binaire modelisation vba

option binaire modelisation vba

As String) As String Dim BinNum As String Dim lHexNum As Long Dim i As Integer On Error GoTo ErrorHandler ' Check the string for invalid characters For i 1 To Len(HexNum) If (Asc(Mid(HexNum, i, 1) 48). For i 0 To 9 ' No byte position is specified so writing begins at byte. StrComp A "B vbBinaryCompare) -1, strComp A "A vbBinaryCompare) 0, strComp B "A vbBinaryCompare). A B. This is the default string comparison setting but if this is removed from the top of the module, then Option Compare Binary will be used.

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StrComp A "B -1, strComp A "A 0, strComp B "A. When the file is read these numbers are extracted from the header and you've got all the information you need to read the rest of the file. ReadBinaryFile dim iValue as Integer, dim iCount, as Integer, dim nFileNum. The, strcomp function will override any module level string comparison settings. Option Compare Binary - Case Sensitive. That happens to be the case here, so we could have done that. Next are the field definitions. Visual Basic does not include nor allow any representation of a 'number in binary format. If we want our file to really be flexible aluminium ou forex then we probably won't be storing data that is always the same size and type. . Performs a comparison based on information contained within a Microsoft Access database. Put #nFileNum, i, next i, close #nFileNum, end Sub ' Reading the same file, sub.